Godfather, Owner, & Creator of the Minneapolis Sound, Jellybean Johnson is the the drummer of the Prince created band The Time. Jellybean is one of the architects of a unique blend of music that was created in Minnesota and called the Minneapolis Sound.

Jellybean is a drummer/guitarist/writer/engineer/producer for both local and national talent including creating a number one pop song for Janet Jackson, “Black Cat.” Billboard's Critic's Picks ranked “Black Cat” as Janet Jackson's best song of all time in 2017.

Jellybean moved to Minneapolis from Chicago as a 12 year old teaching himself to play the drums as a kid with friend and current band mate Morris Day. While a student at the University of MN a professor there encouraged him to be bi-instrumental so Jellybean refined his skills as a guitarist as well.

In 1980 Prince united members of Flyte Tyme, of which Jellybean was a member, and Grand Central to form the band, The Time. Jellybean has been their drummer ever since. The Time toured with Prince and The Revolution and went on to be the rival band in the film “Purple Rain”.

Prince also formed a band called The Family using Jellybean as it's drummer yet again.

Jellybean also wrote, produced and played on many songs by nationally known artists during his time at Flyte Tyme Studios including Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, New Edition, Alexander O'Neal, Mint Condition, and the Human League.  

As a guitarist Jellybean has lent his playing to many songs and recordings and plays nationally in the Blues circuit.

Locally, in the Twin Cities, you will see Jellybean most nights of the week sitting in with local artists and in his own band, The Jellybean Johnson Experience. The Jellybean Johnson Experience also presents several shows each year promoting and performing with up and coming bands and artists.

The Jellybean Johnson Experience put out their first single and video in 2018 called “Put Some Jelly On It' and released a full length project titled "The Jellybean Johnson Experience" in 2020.

Jellybean is the recipient of twenty Gold and Platinum albums, Minnesota Music Awards, Minnesota Black Music Awards, and ASCAP Awards. In 2014 he was honored for his long time work as a drummer with a special Local Legends Award.

Jellybean's custom made suit jacket that he wore in the film “Purple Rain” was donated to the Minnesota History Museum securing his place in the history of Minneapolis music for all time.

Godfather of the Minneapolis Sound Museum and contributor to the Minneapolis Sound genre, Jellybean Johnson plans to continue to build upon his legacy in the music industry by creating a home to celebrate those artists and musicians who created the legendary Minneapolis Sound.