Our Vision is to be the first space in Minneapolis to show the story of the people and the culture that came to be known as the Minneapolis Sound. We will be the home to The Minneapolis Sound Museum, Recording Studio, Retail Shop & Community Event Space.

 The Minneapolis Sound Museum will exist to educate, celebrate, and create, while also providing an environment to learn, gather and showcase artistry that preserves and fosters the Minneapolis Sound.

Our Mission is to preserve the history, culture and legacy of the Minneapolis Sound.

The Minneapolis Sound, a Limited Liability Corporation, founded by the legendary Jellybean Johnson, a Minneapolis based producer, writer, musician, and performer, will establish a Museum, Recording Studio, Event Space, and Retail Shop at a permanent location in Minneapolis, MN.
The Minneapolis Sound Museum will provide an interactive, inclusive, participatory space that explores the rich legacy of the musicians and bands who contributed to the legendary "Minneapolis Sound", with a focus on the beloved African-American, North Side community.
The Minneapolis Sound Recording Studio is a tribute to the life and legacy of Regal The Rare. Regal grew up under the wing of his beloved second father Jellybean Johnson ingrained in a love for not only Minneapolis music but all music. Regal was a graduate of the Minneapolis Media Institute, formally Flyte Tyme Studios. Regal was an Artist, Musician, Writer and Producer releasing his own solo projects along with creating beats and producing other artists.
Not only did Regal love music he loved people. Employed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Regal saw a need to help those in prison, once on the outside to get a shot at pursing their dreams in music too. The Minneapolis Sound Recording Studio will give opportunities to these people that Regal loved to record their dreams. Our vision also includes helping youth record and learn about recording by professionals in the Minneapolis Sound Community. Established and new artists will be welcome to use our studio in our inclusive state of the art space.

The Minneapolis Sound Retail Shop will provide a place for both the museum and local artists and artists connected to the Minneapolis Sound to showcase and sell their merchandise. The Retail Shop will feature both established and new artists to help promote their merchandise while continuing to keep the Minneapolis Sound alive.
Most Significantly, The Minneapolis Sound will provide a landmark tourist attraction to the City of Minneapolis for generations to come as well as multiple avenues of social enterprises, supporting both the youth and artists of the Minneapolis community in which it resides.