Your purchase of a Minneapolis Sound Membership not only gets you exclusive pre-opening access and exclusive MSM merch, but your purchase helps to tell the story of all those people who were instrumental in helping to create the legendary Minneapolis Sound. Most of us know Prince's story, but what about everyone else's story? The MSM will be a place for them. It will exist to tell their stories and to explore that question, what IS the Minneapolis Sound? 

The museum will offer artifacts, films, audio recordings, oral histories, interactive media, graphics and visuals to bring the history of the Minneapolis Sound and it's creators to life.

Plans for our space include:

 -Event space for music release parties, book readings, musical performances, artist talks, educational events, rental space for the community and much more.

-Permanent and rotating exhibits including visiting works that can coincide with special events or performances.

-Memorial Walk of Fame with inductees getting a star on our floor along with a special ceremony. 

-Retail Space for MSM merchandise, consignment merchandise with a focus on local artists and musicians, both past and present, products and books that promote and educate about our local musical community, and artifacts and collectibles including vinyls from the heyday of the Minneapolis Sound.

-Wall of Records featuring Jellybean's own collection of vintage vinyls from his days with Prince, The Time, The Family and Flyte Tyme Studios.

 -Recording studio in memory of Regal The Rare, local producer, musical artist and Jellybean's son. The studio will exist to join the young with their elders, the up and coming with the legends, and to help mentor and educate a whole new generation of Minneapolis Sound makers. 

100% of all proceeds from your purchase of a Minneapolis Sound Membership goes towards the creation of our vision of the Minneapolis Sound Museum & Recording Studio.